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Review: Magnitone BlendUp! Vibra-Sonic Makeup Brush.

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Review: Magnitone BlendUp! Vibra-Sonic Makeup Brush.
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Welcome back! 

Last month Magnitone & Island Girls Malta sent me this brush to review, I've been using it continuously since and here I am to give you a detailed breakdown. 

Before I start, this is NOT paid, It's just a standard PR send & review situation, so those of you already with your knickers in a twist, my opinions on these are all genuinely my own and uninfluenced.

As a make-up artist we are prone to seeing our fair share of 'gimmick' products or marketing bait, from BB, CC, EE and even DD creams (glad that phase is finally over, they're all just fancy names for tinted moisturisers guys & gals!) to magnetic false lashes (seriously?). So I have to admit when I was sent this I was curious and sceptical with a hint of 'oh bloody hell what have they invented to sell us all now?!' all at the same time, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself actively reaching for it every day over my usual application technique. Let's dive right in and comment on what they claim on their website:

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So this is obviously the feature that is the main attraction, A vibrating foundation brush, who'd have thought?! I mean I have to say it does sound like a vibrator (yes I know what one of those sounds like and no I don't own one!) I was putting my make-up on with this brush in the back of a cab once and I'm pretty sure I caught the driver checking the mirrors to see what the hell I was doing and where the source of the slight vibrating sound was coming from! (It's not a loud vibration at all but it's not ninja silent) I have to say that I thought I'd be able to switch back and forth from this brush to using a sponge without seeing much of a difference, but I found myself missing the vibrations (get your head out of the gutter!)

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I agree with this, but you have to adapt your application style for each texture. I did find the first time I used it I was a little perplexed because I'm not used to the whole, er, vibrating brush situation but I now have a system that works for me:

Base products (Liquid foundations, Tinted moisturisers etc.) - Best to apply to the back of your hand and take SMALL amounts and massage in circular motions for a more sheer finish or small stippling motions to get more coverage.

Creams / Concealers - Best to actually apply the product on your skin first (unblended) in the areas you want and then press the brush over the top (light/firm touch) and gently roll off, this technique is perfect for covering blemishes as it doesn't disrupt the product or move it, but blends and blurs the edges, I do this for blemishes and for under my eyes.

Powders - BE VERY LIGHT HANDED, this brush is ninja for picking up much more product than you think, I'd suggest especially for loose powders to decant the product first before dabbing this brush into the container (I learnt the hard way that putting a vibrating brush into a tub of loose powder = powder puff explosion) or turn the brush off first. For pressed powders the press and roll technique is best. Blushers and bronzers etc, to be honest the brush head that comes with the pack is a little too firm in general to apply these, so I'd stick to your normal brushes for this.


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Now this I think is one of my favourite features, I am pretty prone to break outs, and cleaning your brushes is an important factor when it comes to avoiding blemishes. With the cleaning mode it makes cleaning this brush SO easy. You do notice a lot more product comes out of the brush without as much effort.

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This is what disappointed me the most, I found myself occasionally getting caught out mid make-up application and running out of charge, which is annoying because I have grown to love this brush so much that I then hate having to go back to my prime-evil, non-vibrating sponge counterpart. To make sure I don't get caught out I have to charge my brush at least every other day for peace of mind. The upside is that it's super easy to charge with a USB charger it can pretty much be charged anywhere and only takes 2 hours to fully charge! As for this 'Smart Power Lock' ... complete mystery button to me, I held the button down for 5 seconds and it didn't 'power lock' so it's a pretty useless option, I never found my brush vibrating on its own accord in my bag so I'm not at all bothered that this option didn't work for me. 

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There are 3 different brush heads that you can buy separately at £20. The brush head that comes in the box is the SmoothBLEND, a head that does the job but if I was buying a foundation brush, it wouldn't personally be the type of head I would buy, I like quite a firm, stiff (again, get your head out of the gutter!) brush head for foundation, but that's just personal preference. Don't get me wrong, I still love the SmoothBLEND head on this brush, but if I where to choose out of the 3 I would gravitate towards the BuffBLEND as it looks like the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Foundation Brush that I used to use and love.  The FeatherBLEND does intrigue me as I know a lot of people love using a stippling brush to apply foundations, which I personally like the least, but maybe with the vibrations it'll work even better? Hmmm. 

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Packaging wise I think it looks the part for sure, with 2 colour options, black & white and if you care, the USB wire matches the colour of the brush colour you buy, aesthetic pleasure all round! I was given black, seeing as 90% of my wardrobe / life is in black I was pretty happy with having the black brush. A downside to the design is that it's pretty bulky and takes up a lot of space, I have two make-up bags, one for my make-up and one for my brushes (I know, I'm extra) and I still find it takes up a lot of my brush bag's space, having said that it's not too bad, I'm just being picky here. It's obviously a little heavier than a normal make-up brush, but not heavy enough to annoy me, it feels the exact weight you'd expect an electric make-up brush to weigh.

I am honestly surprised at how much I love this brush, I have to be honest a little part of me wanted it to crash and burn so I can put my righteous professional make-up artist cap on and yell 'HA! Another fad product crashes and burns!' but there it is, sitting smug in my make-up bag knowing full well I'm going to use it every damn day of the week! If you want to get your hands on this and see for yourself why I love it so much, the lovely team at Magnitone have given me a discount code to share with you that gets you 10% off your order and if you're buying from Malta, reduced shipping from €10 to €3.95! This offer is only valid for the month of November so don't miss out! Use code 'nrvislandgirl'

Thank you for visiting, and until next time! 

Massive thanks to my cousin Shaun Vella for creating such an awesome video for me! go check out his work! -> here