Quick & Easy Smoky Eye Technique.

I would consider the smoky eye look one of my 'signature looks' so it would be criminal for my first ever post not to be about the humble smoky eye. 

Now, when I say smoky, I mean the full, blow out smoke, go hard or go home. But for others I know smokey eyes come in all shapes and sizes. 

This technique I'm going to show you is what I describe as the full smoky, to most it can be quite intimidating, but it's actually the easiest of them all. Not only that, it's the perfect 'base' for a range of different smoky eye styles, Let me show you: 



Buff concealer all over your eyelids, I recommend using one that is liquid and has a very dry finish, my personal choice is the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Flawless Wear ConcealerI tend to use this for almost everything and it makes the best long-lasting 'eyeshadow primer' I've ever used. 


eyeliner base .jpg

Draw all over your lid with eyeliner the colour you want your smoky eye to be, try to stay on the lid and don't stray too far outside the crease. (basically draw on the area where your eyeball is) Then, with the warmth of your fingertip, press and buff into the socket to soften any harsh lines. Using your finger over a brush is faster, easier and the warmth of your fingertips gives the eyeliner more playtime so it doesn't set before you've had a chance to blend it all in, saving a patchwork eyeliner disaster. 

blend liner.jpg

By now, it should pretty much look like a 'rough around the edges' smoky eye. Now unless you're going for a matte smoky eye, don't worry if the lines aren't completely perfect, but if you are going for a matte smoky, it will make your life 100 times easier if this stage is as blended and smoked out as possible, because matte eyeshadow can sometimes be unforgiving and any unblended areas stick out like a sore thumb. 

The whole point of this step is to create a coloured base so the pigment of your eyeshadow stands out even more (and saves SO much time on having to build up eyeshadow to create the intensity you want)

TIP: Go for a Kohl liner that's long-lasting and very smooth, you don't want a hard pencil when doing this as it will be an absolute NIGHTMARE to blend after.

I LOVE the Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Eye PencilThe colour range is pretty decent, but I wouldn't say it's vast, there's a few bold and 'adventurous' colours, but they have more of a muted selection of colours in my eyes, pretty expected for a classic brand like Estée Lauder. 



Directly on top of the area you've applied the eyeliner, enter eyeshadow! Buff the edges into the crease gently to blur and blend the edges! This is where you have the opportunity to change or distort the shape of your smoky, whether you like it rounded and diffused like I do or more winger and elongated, go wild! Use a colour that's similar to your eyeliner colour. 



Completely optional but I feel a smoky eye shouldn't ever come in half measures. It's the same technique as above but under the eyes, draw the line and blend in with finger, then with a pencil brush, buff the eyeshadow over the top to diffuse the line (#219 MAC Cosmetics Pencil Brush is my weapon of choice). Apply also in the waterline if you want to really add that sultry smoky effect! 




Now, this could either be the end of your smoky eye journey, or you can begin to play. Add a touch of highlight in your inner corner? Add a darker eyeshadow into the crease? Create a spotlight smoky? Or add glitter? With this technique as your base you can do so much from there!

darker corner .jpg