Hi, How are ya? | A review of Jeffree Star's Magic Star Concealer & Powder.

Jeffree Star is killing it with the product launches this year, there’s so many amazing launches I’ve lost track! The most exciting of them all, however, has to be by far the Magic Star Concealer & Powder launch.

Packaging (Wasteful? Aesthetic?):

Is the packaging wasteful?

What do you think of the aesthetic of the products?

Is the packaging suitable for my makeup kit?

Shade range (diversity of shades, amount of shades, undertones)

What’s the colour selection like?

What’s the selection of undertones like?

Formula (Pigment? Blendable? Buildable? Texture?):

What's the Pigment like?

How do they blend and apply?

Are the formulas buildable?

What are the textures like?

Longevity (Fading? Creasing?):

How long do they last on the skin?

How does the product change on the skin through the day?

How well can you retouch throughout the day?

Click here to buy:

Jeffree Star Magic Star Concealer: http://tidd.ly/10caad50

Jeffree Star Magic Star Powder: http://tidd.ly/50c5a790

*While these links are Affiliate links, it does not in any way influence my recommendations (I mean, just see how many I bought for myself!), you can by all means search these products separate to my links and I’d still recommend you buy them! By buying through these links I earn a small commission on the sales and I thank you for supporting me as an artist.

Remember, there's nothing wrong with wanting to put your best face forward, as long as it's your real one - Thank you and until next time, bye!


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