Natalie R Vella: Coming soon!

Natalie R Vella: Coming soon!


So as I am quite a direct person myself I'm going to cut out the cheesy (cringe) intro and get straight to point and explain what message I want to share with you via this little blog of mine.

If you want to know a little background information about me and my experience as a make-up artist, please click here.

For those of you that have always constantly asked me to make tutorials on the looks I create on Instagram. I've avoided creating a blog/YT channel for so long mainly because I didn't want to just be another one in a vast sea of 'beauty gurus' who generically pose in slow motion, ramble on and generally make me personally want to just skip half the video to actually get to what I want to see.

But finally, after a lot of convincing I have decided to take the plunge. HOWEVER, I will be doing things slightly differently. I've put a lot of thought and time into how I will go about this and here is how things are going to work:

This blog is individual & to go along side my YouTube channel. 

YouTube: Short, 5 minute average videos, to the point & direct. 

Blog: More in depth on technique, product choice and adaptations for different skin tones/facial features etc. (where applicable)

The reason why I have decided to do it this way is because if I were to be super detailed in a video I'd be there ALL DAY, and for those like me who already have a knowledge of make-up application, it's pretty damn boring listening to stuff you already know.

Here are my promises to you:

No nonsense: I will not bore you to death with a running dialogue of useless information, cheesy lines and what I ate for breakfast that morning, I'm not about that cringe life.
Complete honesty: If a product has negatives, I will tell you point-blank. No product or technique is without its flaws and anyone that claims a product is perfect is lying to you.
No gimmicks: Squiggly brows and clickbait rubbish? If I could roll my eyes any further into the back of my head, believe me I would, none of that rubbish.
I look forward to sharing my make-up world with you!

My first video will be launching on Wednesday 1st November 8pm CET (7pm GMT) 


Videography/Photography: Marija Grech

Styling: Mira Va using Mango from Trilogy Malta. (Jumper) and (Earrings)

Animation & Logo: Jake Ritchie / Zack Ritchie Design