Nip + Fab Makeup Vegan List

I have loved Nip + Fab for years, I first fell in love with their Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme which  lead to me basically buying the whole range. For a drug store range their products are loved all across the UK and I only wish they were as accessible in Malta where I currently live! 

Around a year ago they then brought out a makeup range which I was OVER the moon with, they very kindly sent me a load of their products to test out which some of still live happily in my kit! 

Now that I am Vegan (if you didn't know, now you know!) I have slowly been replacing all my non vegan products with vegan products, checking for lists on what products I currently have are or are not vegan. 

I got in touch with Nip + Fab for a vegan list and to my delight they told me that it would be easier to give me a list of the products that aren't vegan seeing as most of their range bar a few products are already vegan! Wahoo! 

This list is just for the makeup as their skincare is all Vegan apart from their Bee Fix Range FYI :) 

Ive uploaded them in image format per category so you can save them to your phone when you go out makeup shopping you can check them in your gallery with ease!